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Memory Handz EZ CAST KIT - Casting Kit

Our easy-to-use art stone casting kit will create many styles of ultra-detailed hand art statues. Our kit contains enough material for one artistic statue, but you have numerous choices of styles of memory making hand statues.

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Memory Handz Ez Cast Kit
Memory Handz Ez Cast Kit Memory Hanz EZ Cast Kit Back Hand Cast Example 1 Hand Cast Example 2 Hand Cast Example 3 Hand Cast Example 4 Hand Cast Example 5 Widest Selection of Life Casting Kits Available | ArtMolds Memory Handz  EZ CAST KIT - Casting Kit

This Is The Best Hand Casting Kit On The Market

We’ve been a leading manufacturer of lifecasting kits since 1998, so we have all the necessary knowledge and experience.

Our Casting Mold has a unique quality and the results will be exceptional and unbelievable detailed.

Create The Hand Statue Of Your Dreams

The Crafting container is 8" tall and its diameter is 6.25" at the top and 5.5” at the bottom. It contains enough Molding Powder to create:

• A Single Large Adult Hand
• A Single Large Adult Hand Grasping an Object
• Two Adult Hands (an amazing idea to memorialize an engagement, wedding, anniversary, communion or other notable events)
• One Adult and One Infant or Child Hand (such as mother or father and infant or child, grandparents and grandchild, as well as friends and relatives)
• 3-4 Children Hands at a time (under the age of 12)

100% Safe For You And Your Loved Ones

The Casting Powder is absolutely safe for your skin, since it is nontoxic and hypoallergenic. It’s even safe for your baby’s sensitive skin.

You won’t get any allergic reactions, skin irritation, redness or itching. We don’t joke around when it comes to safety.

This Is A Complete Hand Casting Kit

The Memory Handz EZ CAST KIT includes:

• Molding/Casting Container
• Skin-Safe Mold Powder
• Art Casting Stone
• Sandpaper
• Demolding Stick
• Detailing Pin
• EZ instructions

To build a Hand Statue, apart from these tools you also need a wire kitchen whisk, a liquid measuring cup and a glass or a disposable container.

You already have these items in your house so you can start immediately!

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