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Mask Making | Page 3

mask making  15

Figure 15


The WED Clay block is removed to reveal an evenly cut clay slab the height of the wooden sticks.

mask making 16

Figure 16


The slabs are stacked, but not before each surface is lightly coated with talc power to prevent sticking to each other in the stack.

mask making 17

Figure 17


The slabs are cut into two-inch wide strips and the parting wall installation begins. Note the clay wall install around te base of the neck. This will prevent the plaster from spilling out when applied to the front of the sculpture.

mask making 18

Figure 18


The clay is smoothed to fill any gaps on the inside of the wall where the clay meets the surface of the base.

mask making 19

Figure 19


Small clay triangles are cut and buttressed up against the outside of the clay wall to reinforce it from the weight of the plaster in anticipation of its application.

mask making 20

Figure 20


Next the parting wall location is determined by first locating the highest point of the sculpture. In this case it is at the top of the head.

mask making 21

Figure 21


The model is divided into two halves; beginning at the shoulder, then moving up the side of the head, just behind the ear, then on up over the high point of the head and down the other side to the opposite shoulder. This is where the clay parting wall will be installed to separate the full head sculpture into two pieces for easy de-molding.

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