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The Life Casting Learning Center

Listed below are 'How to' articles as well as links to resources that every lifecaster should be familiar. These include fellow life casters, galleries, grants, shows, suppliers, how-to material, workshops, organizations, agents and others. If you are aware of a link that we are missing you are welcome to let us know:

Alginate Mold Making

How to Extend Alginate Set Time
An overview of what makes alginate set and how to retard set time.

Using and Mixing MoldGel Alginate.
How much MoldGel do I need to make my mold?

Lifecasting Instruction

New Bodycasting Techniques - Creating A Face Casting
Learn the latest bodycasting techniques taught at the International Makeup Artists Show
In London, UK January 2004

How to Make A Hand

How To Make A Face

How To Make A Torso

Molding and Casting Techniques

It's Easy To Learn The Art of Cold Casting

How to Make a Block Mold

Short video demonstration

Molding Hair
Bonding MoldGel to itself

Lifecasting Links

Lifecasting Techniques
Here are a number of articles, examples and educational links on a variety of life casting techniques.

Lifecasting Workshops

Hiram Ball
Pittsburgh, PA

John Greves
Shelton, WA

David Parvin
Loveland, CO

Mark Prent
St. Albans, VT