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The following videos explain a variety of fun mold making and casting projects. 


 The Poured Blanket Mold

A poured blanket mold is best used to replicate plaques and low silhouette items
such sculpted Bas relief, plaster ceiling medallions and the like. 


 Mold Making for Fun and Profit$

How to find, mold, reproduce and sell figurines and small statues for fun and profit. 


 Casting a Ring of Hands 

 A general purpose, high quality, fast setting, casting plastic


 Casting a Hand Holding an Object

 Hand casting make wonderful gifts because of its expressiveness. This video
 demonstrated the next level of hand casting -- a hand hold an object.


  Casting the Nude Model

 New techniques for working with a nude model to create a front torso casting.


  How to Cast Perfect Ears

This video shows you to methods for casting perfect ears, using the special
 effects method and the life casting method.



  Easier Injection Molds

 Detailed instructions on how to construct an injection mold for thin wall castings.


 Mold Making for Antique Hardware Restoration

 Using cold casting with simple mold making and casting techniques to
 reproduce missing parts in metal,stone or woo






Project Ideas

Please click on the links below for some fun projects for the entire family. These are all PDF files so make certain you have the Adobe PDF reader. If not it is available for free on the Internet simply search for it on your favorite search engine.

Cold Casting

Latex Mold Making

Silicone Mold Making

Full Head Mask Making

Creative Hand Casting

Doll Re-Birthing