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Latex EZ Casting Kit (Cast a 520 million year old Trilobite fossil)

Teaches the art of latex mold making from blanket molds to two-part molds. Fun and easy to use, too.
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Latex Kit with Trilobite example
Latex Kit with Trilobite example Contents of Latex EXZ Casting Kit Trilobite Fossil from Latex EZ Casting Kit
The Latex EZ Casting Kit contains all the materials you need to create two molds and casting. The New Illustrated Guide to Molding and Casting is included with over 50-photos to lead you step-by-step in creating a mold of a trilobite fossil. Once you have succeeded in creating your first blanket mold. the kit shows you how to make the more complicated two-part mold. You will be surprised how easy it is. When you have finished using your kit you can be confident in knowing that you can create molds that can reproduce almost anything.

Kit Contents Include:

> 2-Master Models for mold making - a Trilobite fossil and a life-sized snail
> 28 page Illustrated Latex Mold Making Guide with over 50 photos.
> 8-oz. Kreemtex Liquid Premium Mold Making Rubber
> 6-lbs. CastRite Art Stone in two packages
> 2 packages of Chavaunt clay
> 3-mixing cups
> 3-mixing sticks
> 3-brushes
> 1-cotton swab
> 1-square of fine cheesecloth

This is a great gift for both adults and older children. It will introduce them to a rewarding and satisfying hobby, or better yet to making reproductions of their original artwork, sculptures, wall hangings, tiles, etc. that they can offer for sale on ebay.

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