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John DeAndrea Lifecasting Artist



1991-1994 Polyvinyl, oil paint,natural hair, life-size.

DeAndrea, John

(1941 - ). Raised in northwest Denver, John DeAndrea embraced painting as his medium while a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the mid-1960s. It wasn't until graduate school at the University of New Mexico that he first turned seriously to sculpture when he saw a friend casting fiberglass to make kayaks. While still in Albuquerque, DeAndrea began to use fiberglass to make life casts of body parts. He dropped out of UNM and returned to Denver, where he soon produced the signature work that would bring him worldwide recognition. The first sculptures to anticipate his mature style were realistically cast nude figures finished in automotive paint--just like kayaks. But soon DeAndrea was carefully blending latex acrylic paint into realistic flesh tones, making his sculptures look more and more like real people.


Seated Figure
1994 Polyvinyl, oil paint, natural hair, life-size


1996,Polyvinyl, oil paint, natural hair, life-size


Polyvinyl, oil paint, natural hair, life-size


Polyvinyl, oil paint, natural hair, life-size.

1997 Polychromed Polyvinyl 68.0 x 18.0 x 13.0 in. 172.70 x 45.70 x 33.00 cm

Mother with Child
Polyvinyl, oil paint, natural hair, life-size

John DeAndrea was born in 1941 in Denver, Colorado where he currently lives and works.This section chronicles important events:

1961-65: University of Colorado, Boulder.

1966-68: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

1970: First one-person exhibition, O.K.Harris Gallery, New York.

Whitney Annual. 1972:"documents 5," Kassel

1974: "Hyperréalistes Américains/Réalistes Européans," Centre Nationale d'Art Contemporain, Paris (toured Europe).

1976-78: "Aspects of Realism," Rothman's of Pall Mall traveling exhibition, Stratford Art Gallery, Ontario (toured Canada).

1981: "Contemporary American Realism since 1960," Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia.

1982: Aspen Center for Visual Arts, Colorado.

1988: "Figure it Out: Visual Body Language," Helander Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida


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