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Gleco Plaster Trap

SAVE YOUR PLUMBING! The Gleco Plaster Trap is primarily for a sink from which a substantial amount of solids are discharged. coming with two canisters. Also available size19-oz, 43-oz. and 64-oz.
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Gleco Plaster Trap
Gleco Plaster Trap Diagram
The Gleco Plaster Trap provides you with an economical plumbing trap that is easily and quickly emptied and changed. The Gleco Plaster Trap is primarily for a sink from which a substantial amount of solids are discharged. The Gleco Trap is connected to the sink and collects solids in a clear bottle, which has a fill line. When the solids reach the fill line, the trap is drained through a valve, the bottle is exchanged with a replacement bottle, and the trap is back in service.
Key Benefits of the Gleco Trap
- Adapts easily to existing plumbing, wherever there is a p-trap.
- Smaller bottle means less odors generated in, and emitted from, the trap.
- Clear bottle enables you to see the contents of the trap at any time.
- Fill line easily and quickly shows when the trap needs to be serviced.
- Drain valve allows for all the water above the bottle to be drained prior to removal, eliminating spillage
- Replacing the bottle takes less than 2 minutes, from start to finish, with no tools, no risk of spillage, and no risk of coming into contact with the solids contained within the Gleco Trap.
- Bottle exchange is rapid and easily done without the need for additional tools. Most of all, there is no mess and no chance of water spillage.
- Low volume studios requires a bottle change every 2-4 months. Our most popular seller is the 64-ounce trap easily fitting most sinks as the picture demostrates.

Unit ships with a 64-ounce replacement bottles. 32-ounce replacement bottles are also available for limited under-sink space.
The 64-ounce size requires 15 1/2' minimum clearance from center of outlet The 32-ounce replacement bottle requires a 13 1/2' minimum clearance from center of outlet.
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