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Duane Hansen Lifecasting Artist


The "photographer" is positioned to look at another sculpture. As a result the people in the gallery detour around the back of the figure rather than to come between him and his subject.

Hanson, Duane  (1925-1995) was born in Alexandria, Minnesota  and began working as a realist in his early teens. One solo exhibition in particular, at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City (1978), was influential in establishing Hanson as one of the leading sculptors of the late twentieth century. The exhibition unexpectedly attracted more than 297,000 visitors, thereby setting an attendance record for the museum that has never been surpassed. 

Among the many awards and accolades Hanson received before his death in January 1996, he was perhaps most proud of those that identified him as a Florida artist. In 1983, he was given the Ambassador of the Arts Award of the State of Florida, and two years later he received the first annual "Florida Prize" of ,000 for his outstanding achievements in sculpture.

In 1987, he was honored with a "Duane Hanson Day" proclamation in Broward
County, and he was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 1992. Today, it is the general consensus that Hanson was the most popular and significant artist ever to have come out of South Florida.

  Man on a Lawn Mower   Man on a Lawn Mower
Polychromed bronze with objects.

  Tourists II     Tourists II
Polychromed fiberglass on
bronze, adorned with real clothing, and
enhanced by accessories and props,
Self-Portrait and Model    

Self-Portrait and Model
Polyvinyl acetate/mixed media


Polyester, fiberglass, mixed media. Milwaukee Art Museum, Gift of Friends of Art 

Vendor with Walkman   Vendor with Walkman
 Bronze and mixed media.
Shopper   Shopper
"I'm mostly interested in the human form as subject matter and means of expression for my sculpture. What can generate more interest, fascination, beauty, ugliness, joy, shock or contempt than a human being. Most of my time involves concentrating on the sculpting aspect. Casting, repairing, assembling, painting, correcting it until it pleases me. That takes some doing as I'm rarely satisfied."
--Duane Hanson, Nov. 26, 1981