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Silicone Casting Rubbers

Silicone Casting Rubbers

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  1. SkinRite 10 Translucent Special F/X Silicone

    SkinRite 10 Translucent Special F/X Silicone

    Starting at: $41.95

    SkinRite10 is a translucent high strength, room temperature cured silicone rubber. Used to simulate realistic skin especially usefuly for reborning casting and Special FX work. Learn More
  2. ArtMolds SOLSYL Silicone Solvent VOC-Free

    SOLSYL Silicone Solvent

    Starting at: $15.95

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    ArtMolds SOSYL, is a multipurpose VOC-free silicone solvent used to thin RTV mold making silicone, the Cirius Silicone paint System to thin for airbrush applications and can be used as the basis for the silicone mold enlargement and shrinking process. Learn More


Silicone casting rubbers may be a slight misnomer as any silicone mold rubber can be used as a casting rubber if it meets your application. However, SkinRite 10 was especially developed as a casting silicone to replicate the qualities of skin. It is soft and stretchable just as skin.

The casting silicone mold rubber won’t need to be thickened before use and it definitely doesn’t run off. Once applied, it stays put unless it is ready to be taken off. Our silicone mold making supplies are tough and tear resistant as well as longer lasting than other most abrasive casting products.

Thus, it is useful in creating realistic masks and in doll “rebirthing” or reborning. It is a translucent material, thus easily colored with the Cirius Silicone Paint System.