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Chocolate Glazed Bunt Cake - Faux Fake Prop Food

Ultra real and ultra luscious chocolate glazed bunt cake.
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Chocolate Glazed Bunt Cake - Faux Fake Prop Food

The Only Thing Missing Is That Chocolaty Aroma!

This scrumptious looking chocolate bunt cake looks so real that your guests might think your hosting skills need polishing for not offering them a piece. So you might be forced to reveal your secret if you want to prevent those party whisperers. 

The delicate texture and the realistic sheen of sugar icing will fool even the most discriminating eye. That is because we molded the cake in our studio from an original . . . even down to the last crumb. We then hand cast it in rich latex which will allow the cake to last, looking just-baked, for generations.

Once demolded it was carefully hand decorated just as a regular dessert chef would do to a food quality cake, only we used materials that will not deteriorate.

We must stress that this is no ordinary reproduction either. It was created by chef who is also a master mold maker and artist specifically for display or decoration purposes. So you will be thrilled when you open your cake box. You best have a real piece of cake next to you when you do to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

It is the actual size of the originally baked cake, a full 6 1/2" round and 3" high. It is toped with colorful nonpareils. The three inch height assures that it will fit under even the most shallow cake domes, too. So get that gift of the cake plate you have been storing away over the refrigerator. Now you will be able to use it to enhance the look of your freshly just- baked (Sorry I got carried away looking at the cake as I write this . . . I mean molded) bunt cake!

You are buying a faux fake chocolate bunt cake with a colorful rainbow of nonpareils on the top. This luscious looking cake is for display only to enhance your kitchen or to grace a restaurant’s offerings.  It does not contain wax or gel.  Therefore, it will always remain fresh looking and ready to trigger a faux sugar rush.  Those pesky picnic ants may be disappointed, but you won’t be.  

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