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Paul Egan and the Making of Quantum Tunneling

3 years ago 355 Views No comments

Quantum Tunneling by  Paul Egan

German sculptor Paul Egan demonstrates the mold making and casting process for his latest sculpture, Quantum Tunneling, a limited addition in cold cast bronze, featuring a realistic figure breaking through a solid wall. The figure is less than life size and Paul takes us step by step through his mold making and casting process.

Something Is Fishy - Casting for New Casting Material

3 years ago 321 Views No comments


Researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute have developed a method to carry out large-scale manufacturing of everyday objects -- from cell phones to food containers and toys -- using a fully degradable bioplastic isolated from shrimp shells. The objects exhibit many of the same properties as those created with synthetic plastics, but without the environmental threat. It also trumps most bioplastics on the market today in posing absolutely no threat to trees or competition with the food supply. The advance was reported online last week in Macromolecular Materials & Engineering.

Shock: Claim of “Oldest Profession” Toppled

3 years ago 315 Views No comments

Shock: Claim of “Oldest Profession” Toppled

The title of the "oldest profession" could have originated from tracing back to the first ancient female leaning against a rock one evening and winking at a Neanderthal returning from a hunt, suggesting the first exchange of favors. But if you allow for a bit of poetic license, the "oldest profession" actually began some 230 million years ago when the dinosaurs first roamed the earth.

The Difference between Vacuum Chambers and Pressure Pots in Mold Making

3 years ago 389 Views 3 comments

Vacuum Chamber vs Pressure PotI am often asked if a vacuum chamber or a pressure pot is required in the fine art of mold making and casting. As with so many answers in life, a “yes” or “no” answer is not possible without first learning more information about the project. Except for water clear resin such as AquaClear resin, where tiny air bubbles will obscure the clarity of a piece, and such equipment is a must, my answer most often is, “It all depends.” That is unsatisfactory, I know. So the purpose of this article is to provide the specific answer you are looking for.

Why I particularly Like Silicone Rubber

3 years ago 321 Views 1 comment

Why I particularly Like Silicone Rubber This blog post is about the benefits of using silicone rubber for mold making and casting applications.

The Making of Lady Gaga - The Wax Figure

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 316 Views No comments

Making of Lady Gaga In Wax

Each year Madame Tussauds’ Studios make approximately 40 to 50 figures.  When large projects are in progress, this can be raised to over 100 figures and all the departments have to be enlarged accordingly. The Studios supply figures to all Madame Tussauds around the world, with London launching approximately 10-12 each year.

Although each process has had its variations, figure making at Merlin Studios has not changed fundamentally, apart from its use of materials as well as quantity and quality of reference from sittings, since Madame Tussauds was founded over 200 years ago in Marylebone, London.

Replacing Multi-Part Molds with Far Simpler Block Molds

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 337 Views No comments
Block Mold Example  

For many, mold making can seem a bit intimidating. This ‘how-to’ article will demonstrate just how easy it is to create molds that reproduce anything . . . and how mold making can be fun, too!

Generally speaking, there are three basic types of molds. Using a blanket mold, you simply pour your mold making material over your model. The other two types are: a block mold and a compound mold.