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Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

3 years ago 341 Views No comments

Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

We have just heard from the eco-environmentalist sculptor and life casting artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason has received worldwide acclaim for his underwater reefs made up of hundreds of castings made from living people and submerged among the corals . . . and he has done it again!

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting

3 years ago 337 Views No comments

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting
For the inexperienced, making a life casting of a face can be challenging, both for the person making the casting, and for the model, too. But with the right technique, tools and precautions, the results can be very rewarding.

Renaissance Life Casting

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 363 Views No comments
head Pot  

The book, “The Craftsman’s Handbook” or “Il Libro dell’ Arte” by Cannino d’Andrea Cennini (Translated from Latin by Daniel V. Thompson, Jr.), is a guide to methods of painting, mold making and casting. It was written toward the end of the Renaissance period in the 15th century, in Florence, Italy where the movement began. The book served as an art student’s introduction into the ways of his craft.

Pigments That Appear After Dark – Will Keep Your Artwork Up All Night

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 334 Views No comments
Glow Crystals  

Now your artwork can be admired 24 hours a day with colors that actually appear when the lights go out at night. Even if you are not an accomplished artist the possibilities are endless. For example, have your children create artwork that shines at night eliminating the need for a night light and creating a custom painted, happy feeling on your walls that you have turned into night time art galleries.

Dave Parvin's Lifecasting Workshop

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 383 Views No comments
Dave Paevin Workshop   

Dave Parvin called to announce  that his new life casting workshop is scheduled for the beginning of August. Dave teaches a number of methods to cast the entire human form from life including faces, hands and body.

ArtMolds Blog

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 341 Views No comments
ArtMolds Journal small pic   

 Introducing the new ArtMolds Blog for dicussions on all things life casting, mold making casting, special effects and associated subjects. But most important of all is the introduction of our new magazine the ArtMolds Journal. The ArtMolds Journal is both a digital and print magazine covering the artists' subjects of technique and materials, specifically for life casting, mold making, casting arts, special effects (EFX), ceramics and stone carving. The ArtMolds Journal will be published every two months.