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Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

3 years ago 341 Views No comments

Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

We have just heard from the eco-environmentalist sculptor and life casting artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason has received worldwide acclaim for his underwater reefs made up of hundreds of castings made from living people and submerged among the corals . . . and he has done it again!

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting

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How to Make the Perfect Face Casting
For the inexperienced, making a life casting of a face can be challenging, both for the person making the casting, and for the model, too. But with the right technique, tools and precautions, the results can be very rewarding.

Jason deCaires Taylor, A.L.I., To Cast Head Portraits of NBC Today Show Hosts

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 347 Views No comments
Jason deCaires Taylor Underwater Sculpture      

Jason deCaires Taylor, A.L.I., the British, eco-sculptor will be creating head portraits of the 5 hosts of the NBC Today Show, in front of an audience, at Rockefeller Center in New York City the last week of July.


Lincoln Life Casts Turn High Tech

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 371 Views No comments
Lincoln Life Cast 2       Many notables of the past had life castings made of themselves. President Lincoln was no exception. The sculptor Leonard Volk in 1860 was commissioned by the U.S. government to do a full-size bronze casting ofLincoln's head. Volk wrote that it took about an hour to get his plaster to set up on Lincoln’.Now the Smithsonian is taking this face casting to another level.

Procedure for Creating a 15th Century Face Casting Part 1

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 353 Views No comments
Face Casting Apparutus  

The following procedures documents a method of face casting in the 15th century as detailed by Cennino d’Andrea Cennini in his book "Il Libro dell' Arte".