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The Difference between Vacuum Chambers and Pressure Pots in Mold Making

3 years ago 415 Views 3 comments

Vacuum Chamber vs Pressure PotI am often asked if a vacuum chamber or a pressure pot is required in the fine art of mold making and casting. As with so many answers in life, a “yes” or “no” answer is not possible without first learning more information about the project. Except for water clear resin such as AquaClear resin, where tiny air bubbles will obscure the clarity of a piece, and such equipment is a must, my answer most often is, “It all depends.” That is unsatisfactory, I know. So the purpose of this article is to provide the specific answer you are looking for.

DIY Vacuum Chamber

By EnvironMolds 3 years ago 393 Views No comments
This low price DIY vacuum chamber kit is easy to assemble and is all you need to quickly degass your rubbers. Unlike those thin, flimsy aluminum "Lobster Pots," our DIY vacuum chamber won't dent or ding.