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Is Life Casting Safe?

By Ed McCormick 9 months ago 227 Views No comments

It is normal to worry about the mold making material harming yours or your baby's skin.

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting

3 years ago 337 Views No comments

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting
For the inexperienced, making a life casting of a face can be challenging, both for the person making the casting, and for the model, too. But with the right technique, tools and precautions, the results can be very rewarding.

The Life Caster's Best Friend

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 341 Views No comments
Algislo     A number of years ago we asked our chemist to develop and application that would delay the set time of alginate. After a number of trial and errors he came up with a formula we call Algislo. Through a series of symbiotic events, not only does this formula delay the set time of all alginate impression material products, it also dissolves the surface of alginate.