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Stone Carving

  1. Stuck Inside Giant Stone Vagina Sculpture

    Just like the warning label on the last step of a step ladder seems to defy common sense, the lack of one on a giant stone vagina sculpture was an exchange student's undoing. Firefighters have delivered a U.S. foreign exchange student from a giant stone vagina after the man became stuck when he crawled inside the campus art installation.

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  2. Ancient Egyptian Statue Moves On Its Own

    Egyptian Statue - Small    Don't go running to mummy just yet: the spooky movements of this Egyptian statue probably have a logical explanation, even if museum curators are in de-Nile about it.

    Staff at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, England say the 4,000-year-old statue, recovered from a mummy's tomb, has been spinning without anybody moving it, NDTV reports.

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