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Life-size Sculpture of a Whale and Calf by Sculptor, Stephen Kesler

By Ed McCormick 1 years ago 379 Views No comments

A life-size sculpture of a humpback whale and calf by sculptor, Stephen Kesler hangs in the lobby of the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah. The sculpture of the adult whale, which measures 50-feet long, was engineered to break into eight pieces to fit through aquarium's doors. The pieces were moved into the aquarium and then reassembled.

Preparation for installing the whales and hanging them in the lobby took months, as structural engineers had to draw up plans on how to hang and support the sculptures

The final design of the adult whale included a 3-foot tunnel, which allowed Kesler to bolt the parts together. The tail and the fins were installed after the whale was raised into position

After being inspired by Ron Mueck's hyper-realistic sculptures, Stephen (aka Tusk) wanted to try his hand at sculpture, his first being a small African elephant in 2010. It was true love and purpose from then on.

Some time and a few sculptures later, his brother passed from cancer, leaving him with a self-challenge to produce a bust of his lost brother for his family. From there, more portraits and animal wall-mounts sculptures have sprung. While still early in his sculpting career, Stephen sculpts from a desire to learn more as well as to express himself through his creations, his ambition growing with each finished piece. While his current work is on offer, he still hopes to find his voice within the medium. In 2015 Stephen was juried as an Signature Member into the Society of Animal Artists. For more information on Stephen check out his website.

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