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Sodium Silicate – Handle With Care

By Adams Xiao 3 months ago 93 Views No comments

Sodium silicate – or water glass as it is popularly known – is a versatile compound that finds varied uses in the art world. It functions effectively as a deflocculant for clay slip and can also be used to tightly bond various materials together. It can even be applied on ceramic items to create an instant antique finish.

The same material is even used as a binder in making sand molded castings. While the liquid works well to bind fine sand particles together, it can be used to seal concrete and plaster surfaces too.

The best part is that water glass is economical, odorless and cures to a strong and rigid form. However, certain safety rules have to be followed when using the compound.

It is advisable to avoid sodium silicate coming into contact with the skin or eyes as this can cause irritation and burning. Wear protective goggles, gloves (rubber or PVC) and coveralls when handling water glass. In case of regular or heavy use, a PVC apron and rubber boots are recommended.

Keeping the area well-ventilated is mandatory to avoid excessive inhalation. A respirator can provide additional protection, especially for people sensitive to allergies. Apart from this, all safety precautions provided on the product label should be strictly followed.

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