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Paul Egan and the Making of Quantum Tunneling

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Quantum Tunneling by  Paul Egan

German sculptor Paul Egan demonstrates the mold making and casting process for his latest sculpture, Quantum Tunneling, a limited addition in cold cast bronze, featuring a realistic figure breaking through a solid wall. The figure is less than life size and Paul takes us step by step through his mold making and casting process.

Paul Egan is a freelance sculptor based in Berlin and the founder of kleinplastik.com. He has worked for several well-known companies in both Germany and the UK including "Cod Steaks", "Chris Creatures FilmEffects" and the "Art Department Studio Babelsberg". He has worked on a variety of artistic projects including work for the exhibition "@Bristol", films for "Pro7" and "Sat1", as well as set construction and decoration for the "Friedrichstadtpalast", Europe's largest revue theatre.

But here he takes us up close and personal sharing his reproduction techniques. We have included a few images here to whet your appetite and then provide you a link to his website where you can see his step-by-step construction techniques and his explanations. I think you will enjoy them. So further a further look at his story click his URL at: http://kleinplastik.com/extras-quantum-tunneling-de.html