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Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

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Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands
 Jason deCairns Taylor Canary Islands Life Casts

We have just heard from the eco-environmentalist sculptor and life casting artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason has received worldwide acclaim for his underwater reefs made up of hundreds of castings made from living people and submerged among the corals. One of his underwater galleries is located in Moilinere Bay which is now the home of sixty-five of his sculptures covering an area of 800 meters. It is located two miles north of the capital St. Georges on the west coast of the island now designated as a National Marine Park. Recently Jason has accepted a commission for a large installation of his life casting work in the Canary Islands. We just received and update and photographs of his work to date which we wanted to share.

Jason writes, “We have been doing some serious life casting here in the Canary Islands, over 50 life casts in the past six months. Even been molding couples at the same time we have been so confident. attached are a couple pics.”

Taylor’s art is like no other, a paradox of creation, constructed to be assimilated by the ocean and transformed from inert objects into living breathing coral reefs, portraying human intervention as both positive and life-encouraging. Numerous publications and documentaries have featured his extraordinary work, including BBC, CNN, USA Today, the Guardian, Vogue, New Scientist and the Discovery Channel, yet nothing can quite do justice to the ephemeral nature of his art.

Jason will be conducting a face casting workshop in Los Angeles in the near future for twenty lucky students. In addition to his artwork and instruction, Jason is also a director of the Association of Lifecasters Internal (ALI) and artists’ guild of over two thousand members world-wide.