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Controversial Sculptures

  1. Sculptor Honors Slain Border Patrol Agent

    A life-size bronze statue honoring slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry unveiled February 28th, now stands proudly on the grounds of the Border Patrol station bearing his name. His family gathered at the Brian Terry Border Patrol Station in Bisbee, Arizona, where Brian worked as an elite BORTAC agent. Terry was shot and killed in the line of duty December 14, 2010, while searching for bandit gangs in the canyons of southern Arizona.

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  2. The Astonishing Sculptures of a Reformed Hollywood Director

    Astonishing is the right word for this art work that can be found in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Sculptor Philip Haas has made a five meter high fiberglass sculptor that he has called, Winter. It is one of a series of four sculptures that Haas says was inspired by the Renaissance artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four Seasons, series of paintings. Arcimboldo was the Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books.

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  3. Oscar Plus Coke Equals Plastic Jesus

    The bane of the Academy Award festivities, “Plastic Jesus,” has struck again with a kneeling Oscar statue snorting coke. Plastic Jesus is the pseudonym for the Los Angeles based street artist that specializes in bold stencil and installation work, inspired by world news events, society, the urban environment, culture and politics. His work combines humor, irony, criticism and unique opinion to create art that engages on many levels.

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  4. Stuck Inside Giant Stone Vagina Sculpture

    Just like the warning label on the last step of a step ladder seems to defy common sense, the lack of one on a giant stone vagina sculpture was an exchange student's undoing. Firefighters have delivered a U.S. foreign exchange student from a giant stone vagina after the man became stuck when he crawled inside the campus art installation.

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  5. Flatulence Makes the Sculpt Grow Fonder

    Chen Wenling

    As part of its plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, The Obama Administration is trying to put forth arguments to target the dairy industry in order to control the methane gas produced from bovine flatulence. If they just viewed the work of Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling they might have all the proof they need.

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  6. The Foot Fetish Sculptor

    foot sculpture

    I’m constantly intrigued by new, avant garde artist’s materials relating to sculpture and thus, I am constantly on the lookout for such artistic oddities. I count American artist and designer Gwen Murphy on my top ten list this year and wonder if you agree.

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