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EnvironMolds Donates Reproduced Parts to Restore Grand Old Stern Wheeler

By Ed McCormick 22 days ago 21 Views No comments

Mold and casting materials company EnvironMolds has taken on a specialized reproduction project for the Ohio History Connection.It is creating and donating parts for the restoration of the last stern wheeler steam tow boat in the USA,the 1918 W. P. Snyder, Jr.

Life-size Sculpture of a Whale and Calf by Sculptor, Stephen Kesler

By Ed McCormick 1 years ago 379 Views No comments

A life-size sculpture of a humpback whale and calf by sculptor, Stephen Kesler hangs in the lobby of the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah. The sculpture of the adult whale, which measures 50-feet long, was engineered to break into eight pieces to fit through aquarium's doors. The pieces were moved into the aquarium and then reassembled.

The Amazing Ice Sculpture Festival

By Ed McCormick 2 years ago 367 Views No comments

Picture: Reuters/China Daily

The 2016 annual Chinese Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival was held Harbin,Heilongjiang, China. The event began about 17 years ago, and has become a world attraction. Bringing ten to fifteen visitors, with ten thousand workers cutting and hauling ice it is the world's largest ice festival covering 600,000 square meters with ice edifices topping 46 meters high.

Defining Shore Hardness

3 years ago 321 Views No comments

shore hardness

No. It has nothing to do with Muscle Beach. It is an important unit of measure in molding and casting silicone and polyurethane rubbers.

Free Sculpture Materials - Must Remove!

3 years ago 301 Views No comments

Calling all creative space-saver sculptors. Now here is a great opportunity to solve the “law of unintended consequences..’ That is, what do the New England cities do with all the furniture items used to mark the spots of saved, shoveled out parking spaces?

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Sculptor Honors Slain Border Patrol Agent

3 years ago 325 Views No comments

A life-size bronze statue honoring slain U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry unveiled February 28th, now stands proudly on the grounds of the Border Patrol station bearing his name. His family gathered at the Brian Terry Border Patrol Station in Bisbee, Arizona, where Brian worked as an elite BORTAC agent. Terry was shot and killed in the line of duty December 14, 2010, while searching for bandit gangs in the canyons of southern Arizona.

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Replacement for Hazardous VOC Solvents

3 years ago 323 Views No comments

ArtMolds SOSYL Silicone Solvent

The EPA describes Volatile Organic Compounds as chemicals that evaporate at room temperature, which are emitted by a wide array of products used in the work place and in the home including solvents such as naphtha, turpentine, turpentine, xylene and toluene as examples. Subscribe to The ArtMolds Mold Making and Casting Blog - Post Feed by Email