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The Hyper Realistic Marc Sijan

By Ed McCormick 3 years ago 349 Views 1 comment

As a young artist Marc Sijan shared projects with legendary Duane Hanson to develop finishing techniques that they both incorporated into their sculptures. Sijan has elevated to pre-eminence in a golden age of hyper realistic sculpture. Hailed as the successor to Hanson as Master of the genre. Sijan is the only artist to have worked with Hanson.

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Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

3 years ago 317 Views No comments

Jason deCairns Taylor in the Canary Islands

We have just heard from the eco-environmentalist sculptor and life casting artist, Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason has received worldwide acclaim for his underwater reefs made up of hundreds of castings made from living people and submerged among the corals . . . and he has done it again!

“Reborning” Not a Religious Experience – But an Exhilarating Art Form

3 years ago 331 Views No comments

Reborning Not a Religious Experience – But an Exhilarating Art Form

Some of the most fascinating art forms in today’s culture are distinguished not just by their craft, but also by their passions. The term “reborning” may sound to many as if it refers a type of Evangelistic experience, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Life Casting Kits - More Value for Your Money!

3 years ago 311 Views No comments

If you find yourself feeling discouraged by the seemingly elaborate and complicated process of mold making, casting and life casting, there is a much simpler approach -- an all-in-one kit.

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting

3 years ago 315 Views No comments

How to Make the Perfect Face Casting
For the inexperienced, making a life casting of a face can be challenging, both for the person making the casting, and for the model, too. But with the right technique, tools and precautions, the results can be very rewarding.

ALI Member Jason Taylor's Latest Projects Announced

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 323 Views No comments

Jason uses ArtMolds FiberGel alginate to creat a head casting of  Savanah Guthrie

Jason DeCaires Taylor creates a head casting of NBC host Savanah Guthrie using ArtMolds Fibergel F/X Alginate

It is difficult to keep up with our prolific ALI member Jason De Caires Taylor. Jason advises us that he is conducting a workshop at the Taubman Museum in Roanoke, VA, the week of October 14th.

Jason has also completed a number of new underwater sculptures.  The new series of works are now unveiled in the collection of MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte). The recent works by Jason deCaires Taylor bring his contribution to the project up to a total of 510 pieces, most of which are life casts.

Fully Body Casting Demonstration

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 339 Views No comments
Jason deCaires Taylor  

Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor shared the video below demonstarting his method of creating one of his full body castings that he will later add to his underwater sculpture garden in the Gulf of Mexico. Though he does use alginate for some of the detailed areas such as the face. Most of the mold is made of cotton scrim and plaster.