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Water Glass Works as an Excellent Adhesive

3 years ago 356 Views 1 comment

Sodium Silicate

This blog post describes the excellent binding and adhesive properties of water glass, or sodium silicate.

Kathy Venter's New Exhibit - "LIFE' - Opens In Bellevue, WA

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 314 Views No comments

Cathy Venter - LIFE

The Bellevue Arts Museum, Wa., will be hosting Kathy Venter's exhibition entitled - KATHY VENTER - LIFE on the 7th March, continuing through 15th June, 2014. This is a must see for all artist and art lovers to view Kathy' method of creating full size 'hollow' figures in exquisite detail.

LIFE is an exhibition of selected work from six series - thirty six life size figurative, ceramic sculptures and two architectural compositions. An 80 page, full color catalogue accompanies this exhibition. See video below.

Unique Ceramic Belly Bowl

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 341 Views No comments
Belly Bowl w Baby Small      ALI member, Diane Rossong is a life casting artist and owner of A Lasting Impression Artistic Castings in Calgary, Canada. Diane specializes in pregnancy castings. However, not only does she create beautiful wall hangings of her clients in their final weeks of pregnancy, she provides a very clever and unique ceramic bowl out of her client’s belly. So instead of simply creating wall art her clients can hang, she offers an option to create and everyday use of the casting. Her ceramic ‘belly bowls' may be used as a table center piece filled with a cornucopia of earth harvests, a punch bowl, salad bowl, soup or whatever one chooses.