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Fully Body Casting Demonstration

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 363 Views No comments
Jason deCaires Taylor  

Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor shared the video below demonstarting his method of creating one of his full body castings that he will later add to his underwater sculpture garden in the Gulf of Mexico. Though he does use alginate for some of the detailed areas such as the face. Most of the mold is made of cotton scrim and plaster.

Jason deCaires Taylor, A.L.I., To Cast Head Portraits of NBC Today Show Hosts

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 347 Views No comments
Jason deCaires Taylor Underwater Sculpture      

Jason deCaires Taylor, A.L.I., the British, eco-sculptor will be creating head portraits of the 5 hosts of the NBC Today Show, in front of an audience, at Rockefeller Center in New York City the last week of July.


The Life Caster's Best Friend

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 341 Views No comments
Algislo     A number of years ago we asked our chemist to develop and application that would delay the set time of alginate. After a number of trial and errors he came up with a formula we call Algislo. Through a series of symbiotic events, not only does this formula delay the set time of all alginate impression material products, it also dissolves the surface of alginate.

Gimme a Little Squeeze, Will Ya, Huh?

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 349 Views No comments

When you squeeze something, it gets smaller. Unless you're at Argonne National Laboratory.

At the suburban Chicago laboratory, a group of scientists has seemingly defied the laws of physics and found a way to apply pressure to make a material expand instead of compress or contract.

Chinese Farmer Jailed for Other Worldly "Life" Casting

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 345 Views No comments
Small Alien      

As proof of extraterrestrial life, one Chinese farmer's crudely built rubber alien, was found stashed in his freezer chest in his garage. Sadly, it may have been his first attempt as it was rather unconvincing. When it was discovered by the authorities, the errand other-worldly life caster was carted off to jail for disturbing the peace.

An Artistic Homonym

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 346 Views No comments
Kim Small  

To those of you who follow this blog, the term lifecasting has the meaning of a mold made, and then a cast made that is taken directly from a living person. But to perhaps many more people who are not familiar with this art form, (unfortunately they are still legion) it is a very foreign definition, indeed.

Life Casting Artist and Sculptor John Ahearn

By Ed McCormick 5 years ago 411 Views No comments
John Ahearn Small   For many years John Ahearn (born Binghamton, New York, 1951) lived and worked in the South Bronx of New York, where he created the majority of his castings in collaboration with artist Rigoberto Torres. Though he may be best known by many for his “repetitive life casting” of real people in his South Bronx neighborhood, John Ahearn has been bringing his artistic works to communities around the world – as well as galleries and museums – since the early 1980′s.