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The Best Snow Sculpture

3 years ago 343 Views 1 comment

This Sunday, February will be behind us at last and we scarf-wrapped mortals living in these colder climes can begin the countdown – just three weeks to go until spring. In the meantime, the weather service reports that forty-eight states now have snow. So what to do with all that excess white stuff? Don’t just make that same old snowman--that is so 2014 – get out there and sculpt!

These artists did and you can’t believe the beauty of their work. Marvel at it just as I did, or warm yourself up by executing a great sculpture yourself. But hurry spring will be here soon – thank goodness, and we artists will be preparing for this year’s crop circles to again fool the masses. Enjoy!

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Maria 3 years ago at 8:04 PM
That's really mesmerizing ice sculpture. Just amazing. I've got few more ideas. If you would like to take a look here's the link - http://maria-ice.ru/