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May 2016

The Amazing Ice Sculpture Festival

By Ed McCormick 4 months ago 1 Views No comments

Picture: Reuters/China Daily

The 2016 annual Chinese Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival was held Harbin,Heilongjiang, China. The event began about 17 years ago, and has become a world attraction. Bringing ten to fifteen visitors, with ten thousand workers cutting and hauling ice it is the world's largest ice festival covering 600,000 square meters with ice edifices topping 46 meters high.

DIY Agar-Moulage for Life Casting

By Ed McCormick 4 months ago 1 Views 1 comment

Moulage is the French word for molding . But it is also the name for a popular reusable mold making product. It is made in part from agar agar, which is extracted from seaweed. Moulage brand mold making material is an old-timey formula evolved from a reversible hydrocolloid impression material. More importantly it is a reusable and skin-safe in which the solid material is heated until it melts and then applied to the skin or poured into a mold box. Agar agar formulas have been popular dental mold making materials for almost a century. It was developed in Austria in 1925, and has been used in dentistry until dental alginate impression materials became widespread.

The Most Expensive Piece of Art by A Living Artist

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From the INDEPENDENT. -- Jeff Koons' 12 foot sculpture "Balloon Dog" has broken records to become the most expensive piece of art by a living artist sold at auction.

Homeless Jesus Sculpture

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The Canadian sculptor, Timothy Schmalz, says that not everyone is enamored of his sculpture because of what it represents. He recently had his piece, “Homeless Jesus" rejected by the city of London. Their ironic reasoning – too many homeless already. But with its installation in Oklahoma City last month, Schmaltz explains that it's going to so many different places around the world with its recent installation at the Vatican.

Cheeky Sculptor Aims for Britain's 2016 Turner Prize

By Ed McCormick 5 months ago 1 Views 1 comment

Turner Prize contender Anthea Hamilton's inspiration for her work was from the designer Gaetano Pesce. Photograph: Kyle Knodell.

The Turner Prize, named after the English painter J. M. W. Turner, is an annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50. The Tate Gallery organizes the awards which are held at the Tate Britain, The prize, established in 1984, has become the United Kingdom's most publicized art award. Though the award represents all media, some of the most controversial pieces are its sculpture – this year, it's the 18-foot “bare bottom" by Anthea Hamilton.