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February 2014

The Mysterious Plain of Jars

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Plain of Jars

Thousands of giant stone jars are scattered around the Xieng Khouang plain in Laos and form one of the most bizarre archaeological collections, appearing in clusters and ranging from a single jar to several hundred, on the lower foothills surrounding the central plain and upland valleys.

Excavation by Lao and Japanese archaeologists in the intervening years has supported the conclusion that these were funeral megaliths, with the discovery of human remains, burial goods and ceramics found in association with the stone jars. The Plain of Jars is dated to the Iron Age (500 BCE to 500 CE) and is one of the most fascinating and important sites for studying Southeast Asian prehistory.

2014 NAEA National Convention - March 29-31

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2014 Convention Announced

The earlybird deadline for the 2014 NAEA National Convention, March 29-31, San Diego, CA is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28. Once the deadline passes, you must register onsite and pay the regular rate. Register Now & Save!

Kathy Venter's New Exhibit - "LIFE' - Opens In Bellevue, WA

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Cathy Venter - LIFE

The Bellevue Arts Museum, Wa., will be hosting Kathy Venter's exhibition entitled - KATHY VENTER - LIFE on the 7th March, continuing through 15th June, 2014. This is a must see for all artist and art lovers to view Kathy' method of creating full size 'hollow' figures in exquisite detail.

LIFE is an exhibition of selected work from six series - thirty six life size figurative, ceramic sculptures and two architectural compositions. An 80 page, full color catalogue accompanies this exhibition. See video below.