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July 2013

Terra Alba – The Magic Pixie Dust

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Mixing Plaster  

When working to control the setting time of plaster, the old plaster masters used vinegar to delay the setting time and everyday table salt to accelerate the setting of gypsum based cements including Plaster of Paris. Though table salt does indeed speed the setting time, it will appreciablely reduce the strength of the plaster.

Egyptian Sculpture Alive With Color

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Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby      With all the turmoil in Cairo these past weeks it is a good time to remind ourselves of the contributions that Egypt has made to art of sculpture. We are familiar with her great ancient works, but perhaps not so knowledge of present day state of the arts in Egypt. One of the more notable, prize winning sculptors is Prof. Dr. Aly El-Sohby. Dr. El-Sohby, is known for his intriguing colorful portraits and abstract pieces. We wanted to share some of his work here while we continue to hope that normalcy will prevail again soon.

Fully Body Casting Demonstration

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Jason deCaires Taylor  

Eco-sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor shared the video below demonstarting his method of creating one of his full body castings that he will later add to his underwater sculpture garden in the Gulf of Mexico. Though he does use alginate for some of the detailed areas such as the face. Most of the mold is made of cotton scrim and plaster.

A Plastic Family Takes a Vacation

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Plastic Family      Suzanne Heintz has a model family. Literally. Her husband, Chauncey, and daughter, Mary-Margaret, are mannequins. For over a decade now, the American artist, who is actually single, has taken photos of herself posing with her picture-perfect “family” to poke fun of society’s expectations of what her life should look like. Recently, she took Chauncey and Mary-Margaret on a postcard-perfect trip to Paris.

Park Service Calls Lincoln Memorial Vandalism ‘Devastating'

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Lincoln Memorial Grren Paint       

At 10:13 a.m Friday, July 26th, a policeman began taking down the yellow crime-scene tape at the Lincoln Memorial, and a wave of visitors surged up the steps to see the damage.

The upper chamber, where the 120-ton statue of Abraham Lincoln has sat for 91 years, was still roped off. But the people could see the pale-green paint splattered on the left pant leg and the bottom of the frock coat.

3-D Painting

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Floridly Flora        Regina Valluzzi, the Nerdly Painter describes her unique 3-D painting technique used in creating Floridly Floral on the left. She uses a combination of painting and gel extrusion with pastry bags to create vibrant complex flower patterns on top of a swirling backdrop.

Are 3-D Printers Really as Dangerous as Smoking?

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Small Heads      HUFFINGTON POST - Making quirky gifts, household items and even swimwear using 3D printing at home can be useful and fun -- but is the printing process hazardous to your health?