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  1. Noting the Passing of the Sculpture Journal

    Sculpture Journal Small   

    I have been thinking about Jon David White lately. I suppose it is because I have been working on the ArtMolds Journal. Jon was the pubiisher of the Art Casting Journal which morphed into the Sculpture Journal. So in a sense we are kindred spirits.

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  2. Artist Awareness and Branding

    Artist Awareness   

    Great art is not the only factor in selling your artwork. Branding and awareness plays a critical roll as it does with all great art through history. The more people that know about you and your work, usually the higher the price your artwork commands, and of course, the more you will sell.

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  3. Ancient Roman Casting Materials Proved Superior

    Roman Concrete Small   

    The chemical secrets of a concrete Roman breakwater that has spent the last 2,000 years submerged in the Mediterranean Sea have been uncovered by an international team of researchers led by Paulo Monteiro of the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California,

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  4. Getting Inspiration from Your Model

    Earth Mother Small   

    I read a posting on one of Likedin’s great art groups yesterday something like, “I have lost my inspiration. . .” I thought to myself as I read the posting that the comment really could be translated as, “I have no ideas left inside for new art.”

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  5. The Best Snow Sculpture

    This Sunday, February will be behind us at last and we scarf-wrapped mortals living in these colder climes can begin the countdown – just three weeks to go until spring. In the meantime, the weather service reports that forty-eight states now have snow. So what to do with all that excess white stuff? Don’t just make that same old snowman--that is so 2014 – get out there and sculpt! These artists did and you can’t believe the beauty of their work. Marvel at it just as I did, or warm yourself up by executing a great sculpture yourself. But hurry spring will be here soon – thank goodness, and we artists will be preparing for this year’s crop circles to again fool the masses.

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  6. Pigments That Appear After Dark – Will Keep Your Artwork Up All Night

    Glow Crystals  

    Now your artwork can be admired 24 hours a day with colors that actually appear when the lights go out at night. Even if you are not an accomplished artist the possibilities are endless. For example, have your children create artwork that shines at night eliminating the need for a night light and creating a custom painted, happy feeling on your walls that you have turned into night time art galleries.

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  7. Slush Casting The Full Head Latex Mask

    Block Mold Injection  38

    In this posting, we provide complete instructions on how to create a professional quality full-head, latex mask.

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  8. Jamie Salmon Hyper-Realist Sculptor

    Jamie Salmon - Sumo  

    Jamie Salmon is a British born, self taught contemporary sculptor, living and working in Vancouver, Canada. He started his career working as a commercial artist and sculptor for the movie effects industry. He specializes in hyper-realist sculpture, both figurative and portrait, utilizing such materials as silicone rubber, resin, hair and fabric. This short video shows Jamie and his partner, Jackie K. Seo creating the larger than life “Sumo.”


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  9. How to Create Concrete Molds for Garden Ornaments

    Though polyurethane rubbers have been displacing latex as the material of choice for the molds for concrete castings, latex still has the longest library life of of any materials currently available today. Latex often lasts for many decades without losing mold details. Its abrasion resistant surfaces makes it an ideal choice when creating concrete garden objects.

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  10. Living Mold Making -- Hyper-Realism To the Max

    Small Ear  

    The book, “The Craftsman’s Handbook” or “Il Libro dell’ Cornell bioengineers and physicians have created an artificial ear -- using 3-D printing and injectable molds -- that looks and acts like a natural ear, giving new hope to thousands of children born with a congenital deformity called microtia.

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