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3-D Painting

By Ed McCormick 4 years ago 319 Views No comments

Floridly Floral by Regina Valluzzi


Regina Valluzzi, the Nerdly Painter describes her unique 3-D painting technique used in creating Floridly Floral. She uses a combination of painting and gel extrusion to create vibrant complex flower patterns on top of a swirling backdrop.  The background was painted using acrylic paint diluted with soft gel media.  The dark blue flower patterns were added using a pastry bag (for cake decorating) with a small round nozzle to create three dimensional thin lines with a round or cylindrical profile.  As the texture was built up and the extruded medium crossed other areas of wet extrudate, the lines tended to merge and melt together.  The overall effect is lacy, almost like webbing.  Changing the nozzles on the pastry bag allowed different types of three dimensional textures to be added for subsequent flower patterns.  There are a few ruffled “roses” and also some smaller flowers using the nozzles that put buttercream flowers onto a cake.

This same tecnique can be used in the decoration of life castings such as pregnancy casting and torso commissions. The ideas don't just stop there though. Let Regina's technique inspire you. She see more of her inspiring work on her website.