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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. Bas Relief on the Cheap

    By David E. Parvin, A.L.I.  - Sculpture Journal December 2000


    Unless you are so well established that you are immune to a downturn, you have to be aware of and affected by the current softness in the art market. I suspect that the only beneficiaries are collectors; it has to be a buyers’ market. Those of us who create, manufacture, or sell art are carrying on the best we can in lean times. We sculptors have an especially difficult path to follow because of the high “development” cost in bringing a new piece to market. Consider the painter who only has to purchase a canvas, some paint, and a frame and in some relatively short amount of time has something that might be turned into cold hard cash. We sculptors also have to purchase raw materials, but our creations often ta

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  2. Alginate Casting

    alginate face casting

    Alginate, that odd substance derived from seaweed, has several uses. Sure, you can use it as food supplement and for dental casts. Of course, those are the less interesting uses.

    Let's talk about the fun way you can use alginate: alginate casting!

    Alginate is one of the safest ways you can make molds and castings of people's hands, feet, faces, or even bodies. Since it's made out of seaweed, there are small odds of an allergic reaction.

    That makes it a great choice for your next casting project. Since you want the best possible results, let's jump right into the tips.

    1. Prep Your Work Area

    Before you mix a thing or drop your prisoner -- oh, we meant volunteer -- onto a stool, you must prep your work area.


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