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The Most Expensive Piece of Art by A Living Artist

By Ed McCormick 4 months ago 1 Views 1 comment

From the INDEPENDENT. -- Jeff Koons' 12 foot sculpture "Balloon Dog" has broken records to become the most expensive piece of art by a living artist sold at auction.

Homeless Jesus Sculpture

By Ed McCormick 4 months ago 1 Views No comments

The Canadian sculptor, Timothy Schmalz, says that not everyone is enamored of his sculpture because of what it represents. He recently had his piece, “Homeless Jesus" rejected by the city of London. Their ironic reasoning – too many homeless already. But with its installation in Oklahoma City last month, Schmaltz explains that it's going to so many different places around the world with its recent installation at the Vatican.

Cheeky Sculptor Aims for Britain's 2016 Turner Prize

By Ed McCormick 4 months ago 1 Views 1 comment

Turner Prize contender Anthea Hamilton's inspiration for her work was from the designer Gaetano Pesce. Photograph: Kyle Knodell.

The Turner Prize, named after the English painter J. M. W. Turner, is an annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50. The Tate Gallery organizes the awards which are held at the Tate Britain, The prize, established in 1984, has become the United Kingdom's most publicized art award. Though the award represents all media, some of the most controversial pieces are its sculpture – this year, it's the 18-foot “bare bottom" by Anthea Hamilton.

How to Create an Injection Mold

By Ed McCormick 10 months ago 1 Views No comments

The advantage of the poured blanket mold is that it generally requires less mold rubber than most of the other mold making techniques. This method uses a process that is similar to laying a blanket over the object to molded. It is the best technique to produce reliable thin-walled casting such as this scale model VW body. We have included a 15-minute "How-to" to show you how it is done.

How to Create Concrete Molds for Garden Ornaments

By Ed McCormick 2 years ago 1 Views 7 comments

Though polyurethane rubbers have been displacing latex as the material of choice for the molds for concrete castings, latex still has the longest library life of of any materials currently available today. Latex often lasts for many decades without losing mold details. Its abrasion resistant surfaces makes it an ideal choice when creating concrete garden objects.The advantage of polyurethane rubber is that it takes less time to create a mold. However, the big disadvantage is that it is more expensive than latex mold making rubber. A good latex mold requires up to fifteen or more applications to achieve an 1/8th inch mold surface, whereas polyurethane may require only three layers for the same thickness. In this example, we demonstrate how to make a two-part latex brush-on mold for casting garden ornaments. Please follow this link for a complete explanation in pictures

The Hyper Realistic Marc Sijan

By Ed McCormick 2 years ago 1 Views 1 comment

As a young artist Marc Sijan shared projects with legendary Duane Hanson to develop finishing techniques that they both incorporated into their sculptures. Sijan has elevated to pre-eminence in a golden age of hyper realistic sculpture. Hailed as the successor to Hanson as Master of the genre. Sijan is the only artist to have worked with Hanson.

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Glowing Over Spilled Milk

By Ed McCormick 2 years ago 1 Views 1 comment

Angela Torso - Milk Painted38

A 400 year old plaster finishing technique proves milk builds more than strong bones.

There are many ways to finish plaster surfaces, from paint, wax encaustic and tempera, to glues, glitter and maybe even feathers if that tickles you. Some are certainly more unique and artistic than others, but I find the old adage, “simple is better," true more often than not.

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