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Mask Making . . . by Anthony Giordano  It’s New, Its Hot, And Sooo Easy! If you can push clay around, mix plaster and do   some pouring then you can make professional quali‐ ty latex masks just for fun, or even as a profitable  hobby.       The  first step is to create a sculpture of a head in clay. If  you are not a great  sculptor then you can use ArtMolds’ Head Casting Kit to create a head mold.  Clay is then melted in the microwave oven and poured into the mold you created.  That is allowed to cool overnight then demolded. If you wish to modify the sculp‐ ture, add more clay. When you are satisfied with the results you can create a plaster  The original sculpture was created by An- mold to make your latex rubber mask. Once the plaster mold is made, pour in 407  thony Giordano, a prop maker for ‘Saturday Night Live.’ The mask was created using Latex slip casting rubber and when dry demold and paint. Once the mold is created  ArtMolds’ 407 Latex Slip Casting Rubber. you can cast masks over and over again.  The process begins with a model. In this  example the model is a detailed sculpture  of a pumpkin head with an attitude. But  you don’t need to be a professional  sculptor to created models you just need  a little clay, determination and patience.  ArtMolds has a Styrofoam head you can  use to build up your clay sculpt.  Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Anthony completes his pumpkin Next parting lines are begun. A block head sculpture created in water- of clay is sliced using a wire clay cut- Anthony adds clay strips to the imagi- based clay. Water clay makes for ter. The objective is to create parting nary parting line to create two halves easier clean up after removal from strips ¼-inch thick and about 2inch- of the model. He adds the parting the mold.   es wide to be added all around the strips along this line. Note the strips go imaginary center line.   all the way down to the model stand. June | July 2013 ARTMOLDS JOURNAL | 23 
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