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Learn how to cast the  entire human form  Photo 3. Peering down into the alginate mold, the alginate  was not damaged when the arm was removed from it.  from life: faces,   It had been years since I had tried to make a col- hands and body.   umn block mold so I decided to do a test to be sure that I got the duck beak fingers which I remembered. The Beginning Basics  So my assistant, Jay, talked her boyfriend Alastair into being the ‘ginny pig’. We mixed two batches of ten to Advanced Tech‐ pounds of water and two and a half pounds of FiberGel by ArtMolds which is my alginate of choice. (FiberGel niques  for both the  by ArtMolds probably works better than any other algi- nate for this purpose because the fibers make it more student and the pro‐ tear resistant.) We dumped one batch into the tube, had Alastair fessional will be  push his right arm into the alginate as far as he could, and then added the second batch. (Photo #2.) Be- taught at five‐day  cause Alastair's arm was surrounded by a thick layer of soft alginate, he was able to remove it without tearing artists workshops.  Enrollment limited.   Reservations required.  Next 5‐day workshop   August 5th—9th.  Dave Parvin is the premiere life casting expert in  Colorado, maybe in all the West.” — Art Revue  Academy of Life Casting Photo 4. The Tube has been filled to the top, but settled  DAVID E. PARVIN — A.L.I. C.T.C  about an inch after Alistair removed his arm. In fact when I  poured in the plaster the alginate had risen back up slightly.  June | July 2013 ARTMOLDS JOURNAL | 20 
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