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Fossil Preservation

  • Paleontology and Fossil Preservation
    Paleontology and Fossil Presevation

Paleontology or palaeontology is the scientific study of prehistoric life. It includes the study of fossils to determine organisms' evolution and interactions with each other and their environments.

EnvironMolds offers a number of high quality products for the preservation of fossils including CastRite a quality gypsum plaster, Kreemtex mold making latex, MoldRite 25 silicone and KastEZ and AquaClear resins for preservation. See the products below.

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  1. CastRite Casting Stone- a great gypsum based art casting stone for high detail casts

    CastRite Art Casting Stone

    Starting at: $21.95

    CastRite is a fine arts casting stone that holds great detail, is not chalky and resists chipping and cracking. Learn More
  2. KastEZ Resin for Easy Casting - 2 Part Polyurethane

    KastEZ Resin for Easy Casting

    Starting at: $24.95

    Kast Ez Resin is a two-part polyurethane casting system. KastEZ Resin is mixed one-to-one by volume and cures at room temperature. Learn More
  3. AquaClear Clear Casting Resin

    AquaClear Clear Casting Resin

    Starting at: $43.95

    AquaClear resin is a non-yellowing, UV resistant, optically clear casting resin. AquaClear casting resin has a working life of 16 minutes and a demold time of 24 hours. Makes beautiful lifecastings. Learn More
  4. MoldRite 25 Silicone - Classic Mold Making Silicone

    MoldRite 25 Silicone - Classic Mold Making Silicone

    Starting at: $41.95

    MoldRite 25 silicone is our most popular mold making material in our silicone line. This product is mixed with Cat-Blue catalyst providing 40-minute working time. Learn More
  5. Kreemtex Premium Liquid Latex for Mold Making

    Kreemtex Premium Liquid Latex for Mold Making

    Starting at: $26.95

    KreemTex Latex simply the BEST traditionally compounded mold making latex you can buy. It is thicker (may be thinned with distilled water) for easy coverage with minimum coats. Learn More
  6. Trilobite Fossil from Latex EZ Casting Kit

    Latex EZ Casting Kit (Cast a 520 million year old Trilobite fossil)

    Price: $39.95

    Teaches the art of latex mold making from blanket molds to two-part molds. Fun and easy to use, too. Learn More
  7. Cirius product line of Latex Pigments

    Cirius Latex Pigments

    Starting at: $8.95

    Cirius Latex Pigments for coloring liquid latex and use in painting latex appliances. Learn More