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Garden Art and Statuary

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Easily create beautiful concrete statuary and art works for the garden including benches, urns, planters, plaques, stepping stones, pavers, bird baths, garden gnomes and statues. If you are a beginner, the simplest method is to create a planter using wooden forms. More complicated shapes require the use of mold making materials such as latex, polyurethane rubber and silicone rubber. The traditional method of creating concrete garden articles is by using latex. Latex resists abrasion and has the longest library life compared to manmade rubbers. It is the least expensive choice among rubbers. The drawback is that it takes the longest to create a mold over the other two rubbers as it must be painted on and allowed to dry before each coat. It takes about 12-15 coats to create a satisfactory mold. Polyurethane rubber such as Por-a Mold has been available for over twenty-five years and thought it costs mold that liquid latex and requires a mold release it has become a popular choice due to a one-to-one mix ratio and a set time of a few hours. Silicone is also a choice, but for smaller items such as plaques as it is more expensive than the other two mold rubbers.

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