Algislo - Alginate Miracle - Retarder / Binder / Cleaner 8oz

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A REAL STUDIO BREAKTHROUGH - ArtMolds has created the 3-in-1 alginate control formula . . . a must have for anyone who uses alginate. This is an indispensable multi-use formula for all brands of alginate. USE AS A . . .RETARDER . . . increase set time up to 5 or more minutes. BONDER . . . bond a set layer to a new layer stronger than any other method available. SOFTENER . . . soften freshly set alginate to allow application of fiber to the surface to firmly hold a mother mold. CLEANER . . . Removes dried alginate from clothes RETARDER. Algislo is the alginate-retarding agent created especially for artists, special effects, restorers, taxidermists, sculptors, mold makers and anyone who wished they had more control over their alginate product.
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